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Animals - Masserati Averza

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Published on 24/01/2014
Published by John Doe
Viewed by 5364 people
94000.00 €

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In post-war Germany, parts were generally in short supply, so the 356 automobile used components from the Volkswagen Beetle, including the engine case from its internal combustion engine, transmission, and several parts used in the suspension. The 356, however, had several evolutionary stages, A, B, and C, while in production, and most Volkswagen sourced parts were replaced by Porsche-made parts. Beginning in 1954 the 356s engines started utilizing engine cases designed specifically for the 356. The sleek bodywork was designed by Erwin Komenda who also had designed the body of the Beetle. Porsche's signature designs have, from the beginning, featured air-cooled rear-engine configurations (like the Beetle), rare for other car manufacturers, but producing automobiles that are very well balanced.


United States

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    Good car by Carry Bell:

    This is very good car, recommend
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    power by Ursula:

    How much horse power it has?
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    mass by John Doe:

    Masserati is best car that can be

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